With concerns surrounding COVID-19 at the top of our minds, Willful has seen a surge in interest around estate planning over the last year. In fact, we saw 490% more Canadians visit our website in March 2021.

Canadian healthcare workers have been on the frontlines of the pandemic from the very beginning. Our mission at Willful is to protect Canadian families, and healthcare workers are doing that every day. This is why last year, we pledged to give a free will to any healthcare worker that needs one. We’re proud to say that we’ve donated over 3000 free Willful plans to frontline healthcare workers.

A year later, we’re happy to announce that our Healthcare initiative is still going strong. As we face a surge in COVID-19 cases across Canada, resulting in new lockdowns and increased restrictions, we want to take the time to recognize the brave Canadians who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe through these unprecedented times.

We’re offering a free Essentials plan ($99 value) to all healthcare workers. 

If you’re a doctor, nurse, paramedic, or other healthcare professional who is risking your own health and safety by treating COVID-19 patients in hospitals, urgent care centres, long-term care facilities or vaccination centres, we want to help. 

Click here to claim your free Willful plan. 

(In Quebec? Click here.)

While we continue to honour healthcare workers, we also wanted to share the stories of healthcare workers in the Willful community who were directly affected by the pandemic. 

“Working in a specialty pharmacy, many of my patients have terminal illnesses. I deal with cancer patients who are fighting to make it a few years longer, and patients who have debilitating health concerns like multiple sclerosis. I am reminded daily of the frailty of human life, and how without a moment’s notice so much can change. When my patients pass away, I am often left mourning with family members they have left behind. The loss of a family member’s life can have a tremendous impact. So, it’s only natural that, with all these constant reminders, I would want to have a plan for my family and loved ones if something were to happen to me. Last year when COVID-19 hit and forever impacted our lives, I was again pushed to think of what would become of my family, in particular my children, if something were to happen to me. In spite of my up close and personal experiences with death and illness as a pharmacist, I still do not have a will. It was COVID that really got me questioning why I didn’t have one. It was simple… like any busy, working mother of three, I just didn’t have the time. Willful made it very easy, and that was the key. Everything was online and straightforward. The information was easily accessible and help from their friendly staff was at my fingertips.  So, we did it. We made a Will.”

                               - Miriam, Healthcare worker

“When my anxiety was high and all I could do was think about these unpredictable times. Thinking if I get sick with COVID I have no plan in place to take care of my family and help guide them through decisions about my care.  It was so generous of willful to donate wills to the healthcare staff to make this stressful time easier. The will process was easy and quicker then I thought. Willful staff’s communication was very pleasant and friendly. The Willful team thought of everything revolves around a will, it’s a summary to do list, an efficient way to address questions and the follow-up post completion.” 

                             - Karen, Healthcare worker

Thank you to all the heroes who are caring for patients across Canada, in the Willful community and beyond. We hope that Canadians will keep sharing this initiative, so we can help protect the loved-ones of those who need it most.

Learn more about Willful’s Healthcare Initiative.