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Willful is the tool I wish existed when my family went through an unexpected loss.

Kevin Oulds, Founder
Our mission

Your will, your way. Willful is on a mission to help people create the legal documents they need to protect and provide for their loved ones.

Our mission is to use technology to provide simplified end-of-life planning. Willful makes getting your affairs in order affordable, convenient, and easy.

How many of us have put off end-of-life planning, either because it’s uncomfortable to think about, or because we didn’t know where to start? Not having a plan means not protecting your family, which is why we set out to make it easy to get started from the comfort of your couch.

We created our platform with three goals:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Peace of mind

We worked with experienced estate lawyers to build the most comprehensive online estate planning service available in Canada, so you and your family can be prepared for tomorrow.

Meet the team

Erin Bury


Kevin Oulds

Head of Business Development

Sunta Sem

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt McFadyen

VP, Engineering

Matt Holtom

Software Consultant

Andrew Segal

Software Developer

Tracy Laranjo

Growth Manager

Erin Hébert

Marketing Coordinator
Our legal advisors

Our advisors listed here are not providing you legal advice through Willful, and Willful is not a law firm. With their many years of Estate Law experience, they helped us build the Willful application and our template documents. Our platform provides a step-by-step guided process that helps you create your own legal documents.

Neil Milton

Lawyer, Ontario

Hala Tabl

Lawyer, Ontario

Kevin Kelly

Lawyer, Alberta

Scott Allison

Lawyer, Ontario

Karl H.S. Clancey

Lawyer, New Brunswick

Sundeep Singh Gill

Lawyer, British Columbia

Shawn Patenaude

Lawyer, Saskatchewan

Jessica Kaulback

Lawyer, Nova Scotia

Sean Kaulback

Lawyer, Nova Scotia

Joel Samphir

Lawyer, Manitoba

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