You heard it here first - we’re excited to announce that Bundle plans have officially made their way to Willful! We’re giving you the lowdown on how our new Bundle offering works and what this means for you.

What Are Bundle Plans?

Willful created Bundles to offer savings for those who wish to buy 2 or more Premium plans, while also providing an easy way to invite family members or friends to complete their will. Whether you’re a couple buying a Bundle of 2 plans, or you’re a sibling buying a Bundle of 4 plans for your family, our Bundle option makes it easy to help your loved ones complete their important legal documents.

Why Are Bundles Better?

With Bundle plans, it’s now easier than ever to ensure your loved ones are protected in the event of an emergency. You can purchase up to six individual Premium Plans at one time, which include the three important legal documents you need - . every plan in a Bundle includes one last will and testament, one power of attorney for property, and one power of attorney for personal care (also known as a living will). Note that the names of your power of attorney documents may vary depending on your province. Plan purchasers can pay one price and easily invite their spouse, parents, siblings, or others to create their plan for free. 

Each invitee will be able to create their own account, allowing for easy access to their documents - regardless of who initially purchased the Bundle. Having separate accounts ensures increased privacy, and ensures each planholder is able to customize their final wishes based on their unique life situation. As always, each Willful plan includes free, unlimited, lifetime updates - so your will and power of attorney documents can always reflect your current needs.

The best part? When purchasing plans as a Bundle, you will also save 16% off each plan. So grab your family and friends, and unlock those savings!

How Bundle Plans Work?

When you purchase a Bundle plan, you will be prompted to select how many plans you’d like to purchase.

Once you have purchased your plans, you will be able to view all your available plans in Your Account. Here you’ll be able to send an invite to your family and friends to complete their start their documents.

After you’ve sent the invites, each recipient will receive an email inviting them to make their will and power of attorney documents. They will be able to create their own account and privately manage their own documents through Willful. 

Once a plan is redeemed, a green checkmark will appear. Once everyone has redeemed their plans, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all your loved ones are protected.

When Should I Buy A Bundle plan?

Whether you’re looking to purchase a gift or help your loved-ones get started on their documents, Bundle plans are perfect for almost everyone who needs multiple Premium plans. Consider purchasing a Bundle if you are looking to purchase a will for:

  • You and your spouse
  • You and your siblings
  • You and your adult children
  • You and your friends

Our research shows 48% of Canadians talk to their friends and family about estate planning, so Bundle plans are a great way to ensure you don't just talk about it - you take action.

When Is It Better To Purchase A Gift Card?

While Bundles are a good fit for most people purchasing multiple Willful plans, in some situations it may be better to purchase a Willful gift card instead. 

A gift card is a better option if:

  • You want to gift an Essentials plan (The Essentials plan only includes a last will and testament and does not include any power of attorney documents.)
  • You already have a will
  • You don’t need a will for yourself (Although, if you have any assets or dependents, you should have a will. Here’s why! )

And that’s it! Everything you need to know about Willful’s new Bundle offering. Ready to purchase your Bundle plan? Get started here.

If you have more questions, we’ve got answers! Visit our Support Centre to learn more, or book a call to speak with someone on our team.