Willful partners with Scotiabank to make estate planning easier for Canadians

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    2 out of 3 Canadians aged 30-45 don’t have a will.

    For many of us, estate planning is a daunting task that is all too easy to put off. In fact, a new Scotiabank survey reveals that procrastination and cost are two of the major reasons Canadian adults haven’t made a will. 

    As Canada's most trusted estate planning platform, our mission at Willful is to ensure every Canadian adult has a will that reflects their wishes and can protect and provide for their loved ones should the unexpected occur. 

    To help make planning easier, Willful is proud to announce a collaboration with Scotiabank, one of Canada’s largest banks. The alliance is reflective of Scotiabank’s commitment to empowering their clients with the advice and tools they need to successfully plan for every stage of life. 

    “While it can be hard to think about, putting together an estate plan ensures your wishes are carried out and your loved ones are provided for”, says Tanya Eisener, Senior Vice President, Retail Customer Value at Scotiabank.

    This collaboration will provide Scotiabank clients with a discount on their estate planning documents so they can have peace of mind knowing they have plans in place for the future.

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    How Canadians are planning their futures in 2024

    According to a new Scotiabank survey, among Canadians who do not have a will, 1 in 3 stated that they simply haven’t gotten around to creating one (33%). Other top reasons for not having a will include believing they don’t have enough assets (27%) and that wills are too expensive (20%). 

    Estate Planning Tip

    Asset designation is only one of many reasons to have a will.

    A will also lets you name someone as a guardian to take care of your children or pets if you die, and choose someone as your executor and estate trustee to manage your estate and last wishes.

    When Canadians were asked about what factors would motivate them to get their wills, 66% said affordability, 46% said convenience, and 45% said accessibility. 

    On the other hand, among those who have wills, inspiration for creating their documents centred around significant life events or key advice:

    • 33% of Canadians aged 30-45 said having a child was their biggest reason for getting a will
    • 25% of Canadians aged 30-45 said getting a recommendation from a financial advisor or professional also contributed to their decision

    Our collaboration with Scotia provides Scotiabank clients with discounted Willful services to help make their estate planning more affordable, accessible and convenient. 

    As Canadians experience key life events like welcoming a new child or buying a first home, they often think about needing a will. Now with Scotiabank’s trusted financial advice and Willful’s easy-to-use platform, more Canadians can protect their futures and their families.

    Financial expertise meets estate planning ease

    To help Canadians invest in their future with real advice made just for them, Scotiabank Advisors can now introduce clients to the perfect platform to support their estate planning needs: Willful. 

    Willful is an innovative and secure platform that removes unnecessary roadblocks by offering personalized and comprehensive estate planning tools for Canadians in an easy, affordable, and accessible way. 

    Canadians can now create their will and power of attorney documents in 20 minutes or less from their computer, tablet, or smartphone, starting as low as $99.  

    What’s more, Scotiabank clients receive 20% off, making estate planning with Willful even more affordable!

    “Estate planning is an important part of an overall financial plan, regardless of how many assets you have,” says Willful CEO Erin Bury. “That’s why we are honoured to team up with Scotiabank to offer their clients a seamless digital experience to help them check a will off their list in 2024.” 

    Ready to make your personalized estate plan and get peace of mind? 

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    Willful partners with Scotiabank to make estate planning easier for Canadians
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