Willful Volume Pricing

Provide estate planning tools to your customers to help them check “get a will” off their list

Willful Volume Pricing

Boost your acquisition and retention by offering estate planning tools to your customers

Volume Pricing

Purchase 25+ Willful plans at a discounted price

Volume Pricing benefits:

  • Discounted pricing on bundles of Willful plans (starting at 20% off consumer pricing depending on volume)
  • Custom redemption email template for customers
  • Flexible expiry dates (you choose how long customers have to redeem)

Additional perks based on purchase volume, including but not limited to:

  • Dedicated webinars for your audience
  • Tailored marketing materials
  • Branded Willful items
  • Dedicated customer service
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Portrait of Erin Bury and Kevin Oulds, founders of Willful.
Our mission

We launched Willful to make it affordable, easy, and convenient for Canadians to complete their will and Power of Attorney documents from home, for a fraction of the price of a lawyer. We’ve created over 35,000 documents for Canadians since launch, and we’d love to work with you to offer Willful to your clients and customers so they stop procrastinating and take action.

Willful Volume Pricing is ideal for:

Financial planners, investment advisors, or other wealth professionals

Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, or real estate lawyers

Insurance brokers or insurance companies

Family lawyers

Benefits providers or benefits brokers

Companies looking to offer financial wellness benefits to employees

Charities looking to offer wills to donors to encourage legacy gifts

Offering estate planning tools to your customers can help with:

Customer acquisition - offer Willful plans with purchase as an incentive to attract new customers

Retention - provide a will as a gift or incentive to increase retention or affinity with customers, employees, or partners

Referrals - offer Willful plans to incentivise customer referrals and word of mouth

Employee satisfaction - help employees with their financial wellness

Is Willful the right fit for your customers?

Willful is a good fit for Canadians with simple situations who don’t want custom legal advice from a lawyer. Here’s an overview of the situations Willful can accommodate:

Assets/investments in Canada

Married, common-law, single, or divorced

Owns pets or has minor children and wants to appoint a guardian for their care

No complex trusts required beyond a simple testamentary trust

Wants to leave assets to individuals or charities

Wants to appoint someone to make medical or financial decisions in the event they’re incapacitated

Willful is unable to handle complexities including a variety of trusts (other than simple testamentary trusts); conditional gifts; corporate executors; business considerations including complex planning and dual wills; multiple wills for assets in multiple jurisdictions; and any other custom wishes.

Still not sure if Willful is the right fit for your customers?

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If you wish to purchase less than 10 plans, Willful Gift Cards are a great option.