Writing your will can seem daunting at first, which is why we’ve tried to make the process a little more fun. While wills are a serious and important topic, the process can spark a number of emotions. 

We rounded up some GIFS that we think capture the emotions that perfectly describe making a will:

1. When You Finally Decide To Start Writing Your Will


When you start writing your will, all of us at Willful will be cheering for you! And hey, writing a will can be stressful. But you know what’s more stressful? Not having a will. So grab your favourite drink and get writing! (But maybe just one – since you need to be of sound mind to create your legal will!)

2. When You Realize You’re Eventually Going To Pass Away And Have A Moment Of Sadness 


We’re all going to die at some point. It’s ok to be sad or stressed about it. But why not write your will to ensure your wishes are granted once you’re gone? We promise you’ll feel a little better afterward.

3. When You Remember Why You’re Writing Your Will 


Writing your will provides your family with peace of mind and makes their lives easier when you pass. Without a will, wrapping up your estate can be a nightmare for your loved ones. 

On another note, estate planning with friends and family is a great way to make writing your will a little easier. 

4. When You Reminisce On All The Important Assets In Your Life 


You know that first job you had? Maybe you still have some memories or something you bought with your first paycheck. Choose how those assets get allocated to your loved ones by choosing beneficiaries and outlining your wishes in your will. 

5. When You Realize Writing Your Will Is Thrilling


Writing your will is fun (especially if you do it with Willful)!!! This perfectly describes how you’ll feel… you’ll basically be doing a happy dance after you write down your wishes. 

6. When You Get Stuck And Can’t Decide Who To Make Your Beneficiary  


Ok, maybe writing your will feels like doing homework because there are so many important decisions to make. So if you’ve been putting it off – the same way you put off homework in school – now is the time to stop procrastinating! 

Need some more inspiration? Did you listen to music in high school while doing your homework? Check out our Playlist For Making Your Will.  

7. When You Think About Your Loved Ones That You Want To Leave Your Estate To 


Writing your will is an easy way to say I love you to your friends and family. 

8. When You Remember That You Want To Leave A Gift To Charity 


Many of us have causes we may donate to throughout our lifetime. But did you know that you can also leave a legacy gift when you pass away? Legacy gifts play a key role in supporting charitable organizations, but many people don’t know that they’re an option, how they are paid out, or the tax benefits of these gifts.

Want to learn more about legacy gifts? Check out our blog → 

9. When You Finally Finish Your Will! 


Writing your will gives you FREEDOOOOM !!!! It also gives you peace of mind and lets you decide how your estate will be administered. You'll never need to worry again about whether or not your end-of-life wishes will be honoured. (At least until the next time you need to update your will!)

10. When You Realize It Only Took 20 Minutes With Willful 


Last but not least, you’ll feel the excitement after writing your will. Because when you write your will, you ensure your wishes will be taken care of and you have peace of mind.  

We hope these GIFS have inspired you to write your will. Whether you’re old or young, rich or poor, we all have assets and wishes for how our lives will be managed after we pass away. 

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