Willful Affiliate Program

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Willful Affiliate Program

Use our affiliate program to establish a new revenue stream for your digital brand.

Willful Affiliate Program

Make up to $5000/month in affiliate revenue for account sign ups or sales you refer.

Affiliate Program benefits:

  • Earn up to 20% rev share on every sale you refer
  • Provide value to your audience with time-limited discounts on wills and estate planning tools
  • Position yourself as a thought leader in the personal finance space by recommending a brand that empowers people to take control of their legacy

Additional perks include

  • Dedicated landing page for your brand
  • Marketing toolkit (product shots, logos, sample posts)
  • Dedicated account manager that will have proven strategies to recommend to help you grow your revenue month over month with Willful
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Portrait of Erin Bury and Kevin Oulds, founders of Willful.
Our mission

We launched Willful to make it affordable, easy, and convenient for Canadians to complete their will and Power of Attorney documents from home, for a fraction of the price of a lawyer. We’ve created over 50,000 documents for Canadians since launch, and we’d love to work with you to offer Willful to your clients and customers so they stop procrastinating and take action.

Is Willful the right fit for your audience?

Although they’re the most obvious fit, seniors aren’t the only people coming to us for their wills! People from all different walks of life come to Willful to secure their family’s legacy:

New parents

New home-owners

Pet owners

Recent divorcees

Individuals who are invested in their personal finance journey

Our target audience is typically also looking for insurance products, investing products, as well as banking products

Part of our mission is to demystify estate planning and empower Canadians of all ages to take control of their family's legacy. You can play a part in that too.

Is the Willful Affiliate program the right fit for you?

If you have an online platform that targets any of the demographics we highlighted above, our affiliate program is the right fit for you! Our typical affiliate partner can be:

High volume content publishers

B2C review sites

Merchants in the personal finance space (for example insurance or mortgage brokers)

Personal Finance bloggers

The minimum requirement to be eligible for this program is the ability to generate 200 clicks a month. Below 200 site visits a month, our Professional Referral Program is the right fit for you.