It's time for wills to go digital in Ontario.

Join Willful in urging Ontario's Attorney General to amend provincial legislation to allow for digital signing/storage of wills.

According to an AngusReid survey commissioned by Willful, 64% of Canadians don’t have an up-to-date will, and 24% would have completed their will earlier if they had been able to do it online. COVID-19 made it difficult to finish wills due to printing, in-person witnessing, & offline appointments. The time to update estate laws is now.

Digital wills are more accessible, more secure, and more convenient

Ontario law requires a typed will to be printed and signed in the presence of two people who also sign the will. During COVID-19, many lost access to printers and found it difficult to meet with witnesses. Providing the ability to create, sign, and store a will online would make it more accessible for Canadians, regardless of where they live and their budget.

Digital processes also help respect social distancing guidelines during COVID-19, and allow seniors and other vulnerable communities to complete a will without leaving home.

By allowing electronic signatures and secure digital storage of wills, it will also cut down on fraud. Digital processes provide audit trails, and prevent wills from being destroyed. This is a step forward for both consumers and for the industry.

The time to modernize legislation is now - we call on the Ontario government to amend the Succession Law Reform Act to allow digital signatures, virtual witnessing, and secure online storage of wills so more Ontarians can finish these important documents.

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