Willful Unwrapped: You And Willful In 2022

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    2023 is just around the corner. 

    And while the New Year brings new beginnings, it’s also a time to reflect on the last 12 months.

    To celebrate the end of 2022, we thought we’d unwrap some of the top Willful milestones from the last year. And you might even find that you were a part of some of them!

    62,000+ Estate planning documents created for Canadians

    Your estate plan includes some of the most important legal documents you’ll make. 

    So thanks to each and every one of you who trusted Willful when it came to creating your wills and power of attorney documents.

    Don’t have a Willful will yet? Help us give this number a boost and create your will before the end of the year... Start for free today →

    20,200+ Pets included in their pawrents’ wills

    That’s a lot of pets with a plan!

    Your furry friends are family. Putting them in your will helps make sure there’s a plan in place in the event the unexpected happens. We’re proud to say that over 20,200 pets were included in Willful documents this year.

    But we can do better! With almost 20 million cats and dogs alone in Canadian households, this means there are still millions of pets that could be left vulnerable if their owners passed away. From choosing a pet guardian to leaving a pet trust, make sure you take a few moments to make a plan for your pets in your will.

    $11+ Million left in legacy gifts

    A legacy gift is a charitable donation left in a will. And it's one of the best ways to make an impact–even after you’re gone.

    In 2022, Willful customers left over $11 million in specific gifts in their Willful wills. This number grows even larger when we add in gifts that are part of residual estates. 

    That’s well over $11 million that will help charities across Canada achieve their future goals and make a lasting impact on future generations.

    So if you left a charitable gift in your will this year, know that you’re part of a legacy that will live on forever.

    350+ 5 star Willful reviews 

    Every 5-star review means that we’ve helped another Canadian successfully tackle their estate plan. And we couldn’t do it without you!

    We love it when you leave a review for us–good or bad! It allows us to improve and gets us one step closer to our mission of helping every Canadian create their legal will. 

    Check out the Willful reviews written by fellow Canadians on Trustpilot here →

    5,050 personal calls and live chats

    We love to hear from our customers–and this year we heard from over 5,000 of you.

    Plus, sometimes it’s nice to speak with a human! We’ve made it easy for you to speak with our team of estate planning experts via email, live chat, or on the phone. 

    8,000 + Financial advisors recommending Willful

    In 2022, we worked with over 8,000 financial advisors across Canada. Wills are an important part of protecting your assets and having a complete financial plan.

    We’re proud to work with and be recommended by some of the top advisors and professionals across Canada.

    350 + Virtual witnessing appointments in BC

    On December 1st, 2021, British Columbia’s Bill 21 came into effect. At 12:01, we helped execute the first digital will in Canada. Since then, we’ve continued to help more BC residents sign their wills virtually with Willful.

    In 2022, we helped over 350 BC residents finalize their legal wills through Willful’s virtual witnessing program. That’s a lot of Zoom calls!

    58 New partnerships

    Our partners are the key to making Willful and estate planning accessible to more Canadians.

    We’re so excited to share that we added 58 new partners to our roster in 2022. Some of our latest partners include CIBC, Meridian Credit Union, PEAK financial, and iA Investia.

    6 New Willful team members

    Without the folks working hard behind the scenes, there would be no Willful. So let’s take a moment to celebrate the Willful team! Plus, a special shout-out to the six new teammates we added in 2022. 

    We’re always excited to bring on new talent across the business, from customer support to software engineers!

    Looking for a change? Stay up to date with our latest job postings on LinkedIn.

    2 In-person retreats

    And last but not least–the Willful team celebrated together in-person. Not once, but twice!

    As a fully-remote company, we’re always happy to come together as a team. We took the time to celebrate our wins but also talked about how we can make Willful better for customers like you!

    In June, we gathered in the Kawarthas for a week of campfires and lake lounging. Then in December, we met in Toronto for some escape room-ing and of course, karaoke. Want to see what we were up to? Check us out on TikTok and Instagram.

    2022 isn’t over yet

    We’ve celebrated a lot of milestones this year. Most of which wouldn’t be possible without customers like you–so thank you!

    But here’s the best part. The year’s not over yet! 

    While we’re looking forward to another trip around the sun, there’s still some time to knock these numbers out of the park. Whether it’s updating your will to include a legacy gift or leaving a Willful review, you can still be a part of the Willful 2022 legacy.

    Still need a will? Check this to-do off your list before the end of 2022. Start for free today →

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