We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Second Harvest, Canada’s largest food rescue organization. Willful is proud to support Second Harvest’s food recovery network and mission to redirect nutritious, unsold food away from landfills and onto the plates of Canadians facing food insecurity.

For every will purchased with the code SECONDHARVEST20 during the month of September, Willful will be donating $20 to Second Harvest as our featured charity of the month.

Plus, enjoy an additional $20 OFF any Willful plan with the code SECONDHARVEST20.

Leave a legacy gift for Second Harvest

A legacy gift is a gift in your will left to a charity, school, or non-profit organization. It can be a piece of property, cash amount, or percentage of your estate. Organizations like Second Harvest rely on legacy gifts as a key source of funding, so you can be sure that your gift helps support their food rescue initiatives that provide over 62,000 meals a day to Canadians. It’s an easy way to make a difference beyond your lifetime and shape a better future for generations to come.

How do legacy gifts help organizations like Second Harvest?

An AngusReid survey commissioned by Willful found only 12% of Canadians plan to leave a gift to charity in their will. We’re working hard to increase that number!  Since our launch, we’ve enabled over 7,000 gifts left to charities in wills with over $30 million in cash gifts alone. No matter how small the legacy gift, a little goes a long way. Your legacy gift helps to ensure that Second Harvest can continue providing fresh and nutritious food to Canadians facing food insecurity. Visit Second Harvest’s Legacy Giving Page to learn more about the initiatives made possible by your legacy gifts.

How do I leave a legacy gift for Second Harvest?

People often expect legacy giving to be a lengthy, complicated process. With Willful, leaving a legacy gift is simple and involves just a few clicks. After the Special Gifts section where you assign property and lump sum cash gifts to beneficiaries, you will see our charitable giving section that allows you to leave a lump sum to Second Harvest or another charity of your choice!

If you prefer to leave a percentage of your residual estate, you can add a charity as a beneficiary in the next section. (Your residual estate is everything left after debts and taxes are paid and specific gifts are distributed).

Learn more about legacy giving

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