October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Willful is thrilled to be partnering with Rethink Breast Cancer to help tackle the stigma around end-of-life for planning. As a female-led company, Willful is proud to support Rethink’s work to impact those affected by breast cancer. For every will purchased in the month of October, Willful will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Rethink as our featured charity of the month.

At Willful, empowerment is our passion. We believe young women should take control of their emergency and estate planning. Life is full of unexpected twists and while you can't always predict the future, you can at least begin to prepare

As someone who has breast cancer in her family, I'm committed to helping Canadians prepare for the unexpected - regardless of their age. Also, as a co-founder of Willful, it's our mission to help empower all women to take charge of their emergency planning and build tools to help make these overwhelming tasks feel as simple and painless as possible.

- Erin Bury, CEO & Co-founder

Leave a legacy gift for Rethink

A legacy gift is a gift to a charity or non-profit organization in your will.

Donations are a fantastic answer to the question: “how can I help today?” Legacy gifts are the answer to: “how would I like to be remembered.”

Legacy giving is a way to leave a lasting legacy of generosity and make Rethink an important part of your life story

How do I leave a legacy gift for Rethink?

When you make your will with Willful, leaving a legacy gift is as easy as a few clicks. After the Special Gifts section where you can assign property and lump sum cash gifts to your loved ones, you will see our charitable giving section that allows you to leave a lump sum to Rethink or a charity of your choice!

Rethink is our featured charity for the month of October.

If you prefer to leave a percentage of your residual estate to a cause, you can add a charity as a  beneficiary in the next section. (Your residual estate is everything that’s left after debts/taxes are paid and specific gifts are distributed).

You can also designate Rethink as a beneficiary.

You can learn more about legacy giving here.

Our ongoing mission is to educate Canadians about the impact of legacy giving. Your legacy gifts will ensure that organizations like Rethink can continue to improve the lives and futures of young women. Visit Rethink's Legacy Giving Page to learn more about the initiatives that are made possible by your legacy gifts.

Leave a gift to Rethink in just a few clicks and get started for free here.