Make a Will Week is held by the BC government and runs from April 7-13 this year. Its purpose is to encourage the public to write their will or bring an existing will up-to-date.

We recently commissioned an AngusReid survey and the numbers told a very interesting story:

  • 58% of British Columbians have not created a will
  • Millennials are least likely to have prepared a plan for what happens if they die with 90% reporting they do not have a will
  • Of the people who did have a will, 1 in 10 are out of date
  • The main reason people said they did not have their estate planning documents ready was not surprising: procrastination.

We know some of the decisions in an estate plan cannot be rushed but having a plan in writing is better than having nothing at all. That's why we included unlimited updates with Willful so you can come back any time to edit your will and power of attorney documents.

Life Is Full Of Unpredictabilities.

Preparation can save you and your loved ones headaches, arguments and red tape in the long run.