Make a Will Week is held by the BC government and runs from October 4-10 this year. Its purpose is to encourage the public to write their will or bring an existing will up-to-date. A survey commissioned by Willful shows that only 38% of British Columbians have an up-to-date will, and 90% of millennials don’t have any will at all.

What makes Make A Will Week special this year?

Digital signing and storage of wills is coming to B.C.! British Columbia is the first Canadian province to pass legislation allowing for electronic signing, video witnessing, and digital storage of wills. When the laws come into effect, you will be able to complete your will completely online. At Willful we’re helping break down what this means, how it changes the current process, and how you can prepare for digital wills.

We commissioned an AngusReid survey to learn more about how residents think about the estate planning process.

  • 89% of British Columbians think it is already legal to sign your will online in Canada
  • 92% of British Columbians think it is already legal to store your will online in Canada
  • 23% of British Columbians (1 in 4) think you should be able to digitally sign your will
  • 53% of British Columbians without a will would complete their will if they could do it online
  • 46% of British Columbians said the ability to complete, sign, and store important documents online would make their life easier
  • 48% of British Columbians said COVID-19 made them more likely to complete important documents or tasks online
  • 42% of British Columbians said being able to complete your will online during COVID-19 would make it more accessible for seniors

Click here to learn more about B.C.'s Bill 21.

Life Is Full Of Unpredictabilities.

Preparation can save you and your loved ones headaches, arguments and red tape in the long run. We know some of the decisions in an estate plan cannot be rushed but having a plan in writing is better than having nothing at all. That's why we've also included unlimited updates with Willful so you can come back any time to edit your will and power of attorney documents.

With Make A Will Week, there's never been a better time to make your will. Get started for free today.