Long weekends are cause for celebration — it’s the perfect time to enjoy quality time together as a family. We also know that finding (safe) family fun can be challenging in the middle of a pandemic. 

To help you make the most of your long weekend, we asked the Willful team to share their best Long Weekend activity ideas:

1. Trivia Night

Flex your knowledge and gather your family for a night of trivia. You can set up your own game or find an online game to keep everyone on their toes.

For trivia nights, we love Kahoot. Kahoot has crowdsourced trivia games on pretty much every topic. So whether your family is into movies, music, or food, you can easily pick a pre-made trivia game. Also, Kahoot allows family members to play virtually from their smartphone, and it makes it a seamless process.

- Erin, CEO

2. Pick Up A New Craft

Consider learning a new craft with your loved ones. Knitting is a hobby that's timeless, easy to self-teach, and can pair well with other passive hobbies like listening to your favourite podcast. In less than a weekend, you can crank out a chunky sweater or a scarf to gift to a loved one. 

I recommend starting out with a We Are Knitters beginner knitting kit. It has everything you need to complete your first knitting project - no need to leave the house!

- Tracy, Product

3. Hiking

There aren’t too many options for safe outdoor activities but hiking is one of them! Even if you don't have any trails nearby, going for a long walk on a nice day is a great way to enjoy the outdoors together and change up the scenery if you're feeling a little stir crazy at home.

Every long weekend, my family and I walk the same hiking trail near our house. Our dog is very happy about this tradition!

- Erin H, Marketing & Partnerships

4. Pizza Night

Pizza makes everything possible. You really can’t go wrong with pizza night at home. Plus, if you go the homemade route, you’ve got dinner AND family fun.

Homemade pizza night is so fun because you get to test out the different toppings without any extra charges! Plus, you can even make a dessert pizza with sweet toppings like Nutella and strawberries. You can even share the experience with extended family by hopping on a virtual pizza party.

- Celina, Digital Design

5. Great Family Baking Challenge

Quarantine baking — with a twist! Pick a baking category (ie. bread, cupcakes, cookies) and let everyone make it their own. While there may be a winner, there’s no losing when tasty treats are involved.

There are so many ways to make baking fun and competitive. You can basically make your own rules. If you’re baking with your immediate family, make sure to leave time for a taste test! If you’re doing this virtually, try something you can judge visually like cookie decorating!

- Amanda, Marketing

6. Board Game Night

Game nights are a winter stay-at-home classic. To keep it interesting, try a game you’ve never played or pick something you can play virtually!

My family and I play board games or cards whenever we have long periods of family time. We have a lot of fun playing it as a family although we are all very competitive. Try a digital game like Settlers of Catan!

- Matt, CTO

My family recently discovered Ticket To Ride. It’s super easy for the whole family, includes a little strategy and a little luck!

- Wynton, Business Development

7. Puzzle Races

Calling all puzzle lovers! Pick a puzzle with the same number of pieces and grab a timer.  There are two ways to play — see who can either finish first or who can get the most done in a set amount of time.

We tried puzzle races in the fall when we stayed at a cottage - super fun! Hot tip? Make sure your favourite drink is close by and stretch your neck, the competition is stiff!

- Sunta Sem, CMO

Bonus: Make Your Wills

OK fine — this might not be as exciting as our other ideas, but it really IS a perfect long weekend activity. This long weekend is all about family, and taking a couple hours to finalize your wishes is the best way to ensure your loved ones are protected!

Plus, you don’t need to do it alone. We’re here to guide you all the way through. Start for free today→