The Toronto Humane Society Is Willful’s Featured Charity for July

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    We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the Toronto Humane Society

    The Toronto Human Society ensures that animals receive the care they deserve. THS provides expert-led programs in training and behaviour, urgent care sheltering, accessible veterinary care, and community support programs/services. We’re proud to support their efforts in upholding the human-animal bond and are advocating for better legislation for pets. 

    For every will purchased with the code THS20 this July, Willful will be donating $20 to the Toronto Humane Society as our featured charity of the month. Plus, enjoy an additional $20 OFF any Willful plan with the code THS20.

    Leave A Legacy Gift To Toronto Humane Society 

    A legacy gift (or bequest) is a gift in your will left to a charity, school, or non-profit organization. You can leave a gift in the form of property, cash amount, or percentage of your estate. 

    By leaving a small percentage of your estate, you can take part in providing the best life possible for the animals in our care and the people who bond with them.  

    Start leaving your legacy gift here → 

    How Do Legacy Gifts Help Organizations Like Toronto Humane Society? 

    According to an Angus Reid survey commissioned by Willful, only 12% of Canadians intend to leave a legacy contribution to a nonprofit organization in their will. By educating Canadians about the value of bequests to charities like the Toronto Human Society, we hope to raise this number. Charities like the Toronto Human Society, are able to empower and enable communities across Canada because of legacy contributions.

    Willful has facilitated over 4,400 cash gifts directed to charities in wills since our launch, totalling over $65 million, since its start in 2017. Even a small donation can have a significant effect after you are gone.

    By leaving a gift in your will, you will be helping provide animals with loving homes provided by people in our community. 

    How Do I Leave A Legacy Gift For Toronto Humane Society? 

    People often expect legacy giving to be a lengthy, complicated process. Willful has made it fast and easy to leave a legacy gift. 

    After the Special Gifts section where you assign property and lump sum cash gifts to beneficiaries, you will see our charitable giving section that allows you to leave a lump sum to Toronto Human Society and/or another charity of your choice!

    If you prefer to leave a percentage of your residual estate, you can add a charity as a beneficiary in the next section. (Your residual estate is everything left after debts and taxes are paid and specific gifts and distributed). 

    Contrary to popular belief, leaving a legacy gift does not imply that there will be less for your loved ones to inherit. Additionally, leaving a greater gift than you might have been able to during your lifetime is frequently made possible by legacy giving. Even if you’re not wealthy, a small gift can still make a significant impact on Canadian communities. 

    Learn more about legacy giving here →

    The Importance of Planning for Your Pets In Your Will

    Did you know that only 6% of Canadian pet owners have included their pets in their will?

    Every pet deserves the proper care and protection, even after its owners pass away. But what happens if you pass away before your pet? Including your pet in your will adds an extra layer of security for your plan and provides you with peace of mind knowing they’ll be cared for if something happens to you.

    Learn more about how to plan for your pets in your will → 

    Make An Impact On Your Community Today

    If you share a passion for animals, you can appreciate that THS works hard to give the animals and the people who form relationships with them the best possible lives.

    Ready to leave a legacy gift to the Toronto Human Society? 

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