Hello January! The month where we breakup with our bad habits and procrastination and set resolutions for the year ahead. Every year, the one goal that makes the top of most resolution lists is to lose weight and get fit. Some people start to eat healthier, others head to the gym. But what if we told you there’s an easier way to lose weight— without having to do either of these things?

This January, we’re here to help you feel 20lbs lighter...in less than 20 minutes. We know what you’re thinking, not another snake oil miracle pill/workout craze/crash diet. Don’t worry, nothing like that.

The weight we’re talking about is the one millions of Canadians carry every day - the weight of putting off their will.

Start the new decade by making a will to proect your loves ones. Get it done in less than 20 minutes with Willful.

While some people would rather do burpees than have the hard conversations around end-of-life planning, we hear everyday from our customers what a sense of relief and lightness they experience after finishing their wills. We’d even wager a bet that crossing off this important to-do is even better than runner’s high!

The hard truth is, the longer you procrastinate doing important tasks like estate planning, the heavier the weight becomes on your shoulders. While we’re all for physical fitness and goals to live healthier, Willful is here to help trim inches off your to-do list.

Luckily, 25% of Canadians agree - 2020 is the year they’ve added make a will to their New Year’s resolutions. Along with paying off debts and sticking to a budget, our recent survey shows that so many people are also looking to get financially fit and plan for their futures.

If you’re ready to take the weight off with Willful, please use the promo code THEWILLFUL20 for $20 off until February 12, 2020 at 11:59 EST and help us spread the word using the hashtag #thewillful20 if you post about this special promotion.