When you think of leaving things behind in your will perhaps you think of the money or assets you want to give your loved ones. 

You might even think about family heirlooms like jewellery, antiques, or even a piece of restored furniture that has been passed down through the centuries. But there are many other ways to leave a legacy in your will. 

We’ve rounded up some fun and interesting things you can leave in your will that aren’t money or property. 

1. A Family Recipe 

While most of us think of our assets such as money or maybe an expensive piece of jewellery, for many families, recipes remind them of memories that hold a special place in their hearts. We all have special and sacred family recipes that remind us of family dinners when we were younger. 

Have you ever considered the ways these special memories can continue to live on for generations to come? In your will, you can consider leaving things that aren’t things - like a family recipe! 

Click here to download the template!

We’ve created a printable family recipe book template. You can print out our template, use it to record your favourite family recipes, and even write a little story behind it. 

We recommend putting your favourite recipes in a binder to pass along to loved ones. Then, you can leave this binder in your will!

2. A Legacy Gift 

Throughout our lifetime, many of us have causes we may donate to help charities with funding their mission. In your last will and testament, you can leave a legacy gift to a charity or non-profit organization. Legacy giving is a way to help tomorrow and is a great way to be remembered. 

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3. Collections Of Items

Do you have a special collection or item that you would like to pass on? Perhaps you have a collection of records that you want a specific family member or friend to have - you can include these wishes in your will! 

Some items life as “specific gifts” may include: 

  • A record collection
  • Jewellery
  • Art 
  • Clothing 
  • Cars 

Learn more about leaving a specific gift → 

4. A Secret Code 

Do you have a secret code you want to leave to a loved one? Believe it or not, this has actually been done before! Harry Houdini was an escape artist, illusionist, stunt performer, and magician. He left his wife a list of 10 words in his will. This was a secret code that he believed would enable her to contact him in the afterlife. 

Harry Houdini has been remembered for his escape acts and for leaving behind this code. Do you have a secret code you want to be remembered for or leave behind for a loved one? Write it in your will!  

5. Peace Of Mind 

Last but not least, writing a will ensures that your family has peace of mind. During a difficult time, leaving a will is a blueprint for how you want your life wrapped up and peace of mind is priceless. 

Your will is a legal document that communicates how you want your assets to be distributed (including things like a special recipe or secret code!). Including specific gifts in your will eliminates the guessing game they would otherwise have to play.

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