If you’re familiar with the Willful platform from your previous visits, you may have noticed a few (actually a lot!) of new changes and features. If this is your first time with Willful, while these things may not look new to you, we wanted to let you know we’ve been working hard to incorporate research and feedback to continuously improve your online estate planning experience. Each design and engineering decision was thoughtfully made to create an easy and more intuitive flow, so you can focus on the decisions that matter most to you.

Please note that the changes to our design have no impact on your legal documents or the legal content we created with our team of legal advisors. Any information you have entered previously has been saved.

Let us highlight what’s new and improved!

A Brand New Dashboard

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice right away is your new dashboard. As your home base, your dashboard now gives you a birds-eye view of your progress and the decisions you’ve made. This will make it easier to scan over your work and make changes to your answers.

You’ll also notice that changing your plan has been simplified. Whether you change your mind before or after you’ve paid, we want it to be easier to switch plans if you need to.

Mobile Friendly

We know so many people find us while on their smartphone and we’ve worked to improve our mobile experience so you have the power to create, review and update your legal documents in the palm of your hands. Not everyone has access to a desktop computer, laptop or tablet and as part of our mission, we want as many Canadians to be able to create their will and remove any roadblocks as we grow.

Upgraded Accessibility

Speaking of access and accessibility, we’ve added a number of new accessibility tools to our platform to ensure that Willful can be used by everyone. This includes updating our platform to meet web accessibility guidelines, adding alt-text for screen reader users and improving platform navigation.

Improved Customer Support

Unless you’re an estate lawyer, estate planning concepts can be confusing at times. Our new design offers a stronger helping hand along the way by integrating links to articles, explanations for key roles, and helpful information where most people need it - all in everyday language, not legal jargon. Whenever you need help, just click the help button in the bottom right corner or call the number listed along the way.

Your Needs Come First

Willful is best for people with simple estates. While the majority of Canadians fit into this category, we want to direct those with a complex scenario to seek advice from a lawyer. With our new design, we offer resources to let you know right away whether or not Willful is right for you. We want the best for everyone and sometimes that means sending people away to create a will with a lawyer.

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Moving Forward

While we’re excited to reveal our new design, we’re constantly working behind the scenes to improve Willful. Your feedback helps us grow and we will continue to add new features in 2020. If you have any questions about our new design - or anything else - send us an email at support@willful.co.

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