We are thrilled to announce that Willful is now available for all Nova Scotia residents!

Celebrities like Prince and Aretha Franklin made headlines for dying without a will, but despite the fact that death is one of the only certainties in life, the majority of Nova Scotia residents haven’t planned for it either. We recently commissioned a survey that found that 60% of adults in Nova Scotia have not created a will, and that number jumps to two-thirds (67%) if you include the people who have out-of-date wills. Good old procrastination was found to be the main reason why so many Nova Scotians haven’t created their will, with 38% saying they just keep putting it off.

Willful’s mission is to help ensure every Canadian adult has an estate plan in place and that’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’re launching today in Nova Scotia. Without the typical estate planning barriers of time and cost, our online will platform makes it easier than ever before for Nova Scotians to cross estate planning off their to-do list. Residents can now create a customized legal Last Will and Testament, Enduring Power of Attorney and Representation Agreement online, in less than 20 minutes.The platform guides customers through a series of questions about their unique life situation, helping them to outline their executor, guardians for minor children or pets, beneficiaries, specific or charitable gifts, and burial and funeral wishes.

Willful partners with leading estate lawyers in each of our active provinces to create the legal content, and in Nova Scotia we’ve partnered with Kaulback May, an established estate law practice based in Truro that specializes in wills and estates.

Ready to create your will? Get started today!