It’s true when they say graduation is not the end, but the beginning of the rest of your life. Once you pick up that diploma, you join an ever-growing community of alumni that is there to help you navigate the next stages of your life.

But what happens after that? 

McMaster’s Alumni Association is taking it to the next level by partnering with Willful to prepare alumni for their futures. Over 57% of Canadians do not have a will and in a first of its kind partnership, the MAA is helping tackle the stigma around end-of-life planning. By encouraging their alumni community to take the important step of making a will, McMaster is helping their alumni stay protected  - no matter what life throws their way.

Why is making a will so important?

Making a will is probably not the first thing on your mind after graduation, as you start your career and explore everything that life has to offer. However, every alumni eventually moves past this first stage of post-graduate life. 

As soon as you start to acquire assets or have any dependents, making a will becomes an increasingly important task! Perhaps you’ve purchased your first home or you’ve adopted your first pet, making a will can help ensure that your wishes are honoured if you pass away. In your will, you are able to make plans for your estate - you’ll be able to name guardians for your dependents and decide how you’d like your assets distributed.

If you die without a will, provincial legislation will dictate how your estate is distributed and may impact important relationships in your life that are not recognized by these laws. In partnership with Willful, McMaster is committed to educating their alumni community about the importance of getting your affairs in order - regardless when you graduated.

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How Alumni can continue to support McMaster

McMaster is tremendously grateful for the support of their alumni in the pursuit of world-class research, student initiatives and community outreach programs. Leaving a legacy gift (also known as a charitable bequest) in your will is an amazing way to build a lasting legacy with your alma mater. Legacy giving can also help you leave a larger gift than otherwise possible.

Many online platforms, including Willful have built charitable giving into their platform, making it easy to leave a legacy gift in just a few clicks. 

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