Talking about death and estate planning can feel overwhelming. It’s a sensitive topic, but an important one to tackle.

After creating your will and estate plan, one of the most important things is to discuss your plans and wishes with your loved ones. Whether you’ve chosen them as your executor, power of attorney, or guardian for your children – having these conversations is the best way to ensure that they’re up for the task.

(If you haven’t created your will already, you can do that here!)

That’s why we’ve made it simple to notify your loved ones of their role in your will directly from your Willful account.

Notifying your appointees with Willful

Once you’ve created your will or power of attorney with Willful, you’ll be able to view all the individuals that you’ve assigned to key roles under the Appointees section.

Here you’ll be able to send an email to your key appointees. You’ll  be able to send email notifications to key roles including:

This email will let them know they’ve been named in your documents and provide them with resources to help them prepare for the role. 

We’ve also made it easy to preview the email before you send it!

Don’t forget – being an executor, power of attorney, or guardian is a big responsibility. It’s important to sit down with your chosen appointees to make sure they’re willing to take on the role. This is also a great time to go over your wishes, the essential responsibilities, as well as inform them where they can find the important information they’ll need when the time comes.