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After helping thousands of Canadians with their end-of-life and emergency planning, we've heard almost every question under the sun. Those questions and conversations helped us create our fully searchable support centre that may have the answer to your questions. If you find what you are looking for and have already booked a call, please don't forget to cancel your appointment. Thank you again for considering Willful for your estate planning needs.


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Everything you need to create your own legally-valid will, no lawyer or notary required. Probate required.



  • One personalized legal will
  • Name your liquidator, tutors, and legatees
  • Free updates as your life changes
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Notarial will

Everything you need to create a legally-
valid notarial will, including execution by a notary. No probate required.



Woman on a laptop sitting on a comfortable chair. Illustration.
  • One personalized legal will
  • One virtual execution by a notary
  • Registration with the Chambres des Notaires
  • No probate required
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