We love our pets just like family. When it comes to caring for our fur (or furless) babies, most people only prepare for the good times. The reality is, life is unpredictable and our pets deserve to have a plan in place to make sure they are cared for even after we're gone.

Only 6% Of Canadian Pet Owners Have A Plan For Their Pets Outlined In Their Wills

In a recent AngusReid survey we commissioned, results showed 6% of Canadian pet owners have a plan for their pets outlined in their wills. A large number (44%) of pet owners have never thought of making a plan for their pet in case they pass away. Results also showed that 25% of those surveyed say they've thought about making a plan, but they haven't actually created an official plan by including a pet guardian or financial provisions in their will.

It's heartbreaking to think that, year after year, pets are surrendered to shelters because their owners do not have a plan in place for them after they pass away.

Redemption Paws Founder and her adopted dogs - Indie Nicole and Irwin
Nicole Simone, founder of Redemption Paws and her two adopted dogs Indie and Irwin

Nicole Simone, founder of Redemption Paws, adopted one of her pups after his owner passed away without any provisions for care outlined in a will. She’s passionate about helping displaced pets find new families to love and be loved and is working tirelessly with hundreds of volunteers to find forever homes for dogs rescued from areas affected by climate change and disaster situations.

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